Display Case (JRSiebz)
Display Case Don't open the case, or it'll be complete pandemonium.

The butterfly breeding project begins (hopefully the love potion will make them quite amorous).

If the display case is a rockin'...

*Update 1* The female butterfly was being quite frigid, so the male butterfly is hoping to buy his way into her 'pants' with gifts of perfume and flowers.

*Update 2* Unlike regular butterflies that lay eggs, chaos butterflies have live births. The butterfly couple has had five chaos caterpillars. I know it says mosquito larvae, but that's just a misprint... I swear.

*Update 3* Word of mandible travels fast, two new butterfly newlyweds have built houses and moved into the neighborhood.

*Update 4* Even more butterflies have moved here, and are fornicating like crazy. Look at all of the new baby larvae,... ahem, caterpillars.

*Update 5* The Butterfly Neighborhood Housing Committee [BNHC] has erected a fountain near the end of the cul-de-sac as five new butterfly couples built houses and moved in, and four new caterpillars have been born!

*Update 6* The butterflies are moving in and breeding like crazy, just look at all of the new baby larvae...ahem...I mean caterpillars.

*Update 7* The BHNC has instituted a neighborhood watch, and is armed with flaming talons [Thanks PVA!] for protection. The chaos butterflies have also been working on some landscaping improvements such as rocks, trees, and flowers.

And a special thank you for donations from the following butterfly enthusiasts:

*Golden Butterfly Donors*
Pixel Switch
Prima Vera Angelhair

*Silver Butterfly Donors*

*Bronze Butterfly Donors*
Ironic Chef

Case Contents:
big rock big rock (15)
chaos butterfly chaos butterfly (150)
decorative fountain decorative fountain (15)
flaming talons flaming talons (150)
Knob Goblin love potion Knob Goblin love potion (10)
Knob Goblin perfume Knob Goblin perfume (10)
mosquito larva mosquito larva (150)
pretty flower pretty flower (15)
spooky sapling spooky sapling (15)
tiny house tiny house (75)

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