The Moons Over Loathing clan is a lunar society which is devoted to the Kingdom of Loathing moons Ronald and Grimace. These two moons not only determine the KoL Calendar, but control stat days. The Moons Over Loathing revere both of these moons, to gain knowledge about their everyday life in the kingdom. According to ancient Moons Over Loathing doctrine, Ronald and Grimace and composed completely of divine cheese. Because the Moons of Loathing wish to spread lunar awareness throughout the kingdom, they are constantly mooning other inhabitants of the kingdom, hoping they see their own Ronald and Grimace in their behinds. The Moons Over Loathing are constantly found adventuring without pants, in a state of perpetual mooning, especially when the moonlight is strong. Members of this clan hoard cheese, because it is most sacred. The Moons Over Loathing also collect bum cheeks, and untinker asshats, so that they can continue their ministry of mooning the kingdom. Every moon is beautiful.


  1. All members must respect all facets of the moons: Ronald, Grimace, cheese, & tushies.
  2. Members must be active. If you play KoL only once a month, you will be removed from the clan. This clan is for active players who are enthusiastic about the game.
  3. Clan members should be courteous. This way the game stays fun for everybody. Jerks will not be tolerated.
  4. Spamming, trolling, flaming, scamming, looting, and begz0ring are not tolerated.
  5. Members should listen to Radio KoL as much as possible, especially while adventuring. There is plenty of great music to listen to and there are many kick-ass prizes to win.
  6. Members should be in KoL chat while adventuring, and listening to channel clan (/l clan). The clan chat room should be used to discuss clan matters as well as for coordinating ourselves so that the members of this clan have an increased chance of winning rKoL contests.
  7. Do not donate items like meat paste, meat stacks, etc. to the clan stash. It is a lame attempt to get extra karma from donating meat.
  8. Before any new applicant is admitted into the clan, they must be looked up on the KoL Clan Looter List.
  9. Members must agree that KoL Hindsight is one of the best ideas ever.


Clan Titles are a form of expression which show up in each player's KoL profile. Upon admittance to the clan, each new member may choose their own title, assuming it has a "moon" significance. Moon phases like "New Moon", "Crescent Moon", "Full Moon", etc. can not be used as titles, because they are being used as clan ranks. Titles are given on a first come first serve basis.  The following examples can be requested for if so desired, but it is not required that the title come from a given example.

Here are some examples: "Blue Moon" (song by the Marcels), "Pink Moon" (song by Nick Drake), "Harvest Moon" (song by Bedlam), "Bad Moon Rising" (song by Creedance Clearwater Revival), "Moon Over Parma" (song by Robert McGuire, also sung by Drew Carey), "Moon River" (song by Henry Mancini), "Moon Child" (song by Iron Maiden), "Dark Side of the Moon" (album by Pink Floyd), "Big Bad Moon" (song by Joe Satriani), "Man on the Moon" (song by R.E.M.), "Daphne Moon" (from the show "Frasier"), "Sailor Moon" (like the anime show), "Red Moon", "[Insert a color here] Moon", "Blood Moon", "Barking Moon", "Dancing Moon", "Shining Moon", "Moon Pie(s)", "Moon Landing/Lander", "Shaved Moon", "Hairy Moon", "Dirty Moon", "Stinky Moon", "Sexy Moon", etc.


Clan Rankings will be named similar to phases of the moons. The ranking names and their available skills have not been finalized, and because the clan is currently so small, there is not an official policy for clan ranking promoting/demotions, but there will be soon.